Winners 2011

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Overall Winners

Richard Sun

Columbia University


Triple Bottom Line Analysis of Sustainable Urban Development

Ariel Hsian-Au Hsiung

University of California, Berkeley

Human Rights

When is the international community justified in using force to protect human rights?

Deasún Ó Riain

University College Dublin

Celtic Studies & Irish

“An Dírbheathaisnéis sa Ghaeilge: “Mo Bhealach Féin”

Programme Winners

David Molloy

Trinity College Dublin

Social Media

Discuss the past, present and possible future effects of social media on society, business and technology

Steven Park

Stranmillis University College

Teacher Education

Sectarian Bullying in Northern Ireland Primary Schools

Jonathan Mitchell

Queen’s University Belfast

Social Studies

'Race', Nation and Belonging in Ireland

Maeve Butler

University College Cork


We Seem to Have Lost our Psychology – The Identity Crisis and Role Revival of Educational Psychology

Vincent McAllister

Queen’s University Belfast

Physical Sciences

A Fieldwalking Survey of Site 12 Ballynease-Macpeake, Co. Derry

Jeremy Kingsley

Trinity College Dublin

Philosophical Studies

Truthmaking and Future Contingents

Katie Hill

Trinity College Dublin

Nursing & Midwifery

Paediatric Palliative Care in Ireland

Roslyn Steer

University College Cork

Modern Cultural Studies

The Influence of Music on Modernist Literature

Nathan Moore

Queen’s University Belfast

Medical Sciences

Modulation of Neuropeptide Y’s Proatherogenic Effects by Dietary Carotenoids or Therapeutic Intervention In Vitro

Grace Holmes

Trinity College Dublin

Life Sciences

The Ecology of Developmental Biology

Trevor Glavey

National University of Ireland, Galway


Enforcement of EU Competition Law and Respect for Human Rights

Laura Sinnott

Trinity College Dublin

Languages & Linguistics

The Audio-Visual Juxtaposition of Günter Grass’ Die Blechtrommel

Dominic Henry

Queen’s University Belfast

International Relations & Politics

‘Realism is Simply No Longer Realistic.’ Discuss

Joan Redmond

Trinity College Dublin

Historical Studies

Religious Violence and the 1641 Rebellion: Divided Communities in Seventeenth-Century Cavan

Cillian Murphy

Trinity College Dublin

English Language & Literature

The Relationship between Love and Death in Romeo and Juliet

Rian Edman

Cork Institute of Technology

Engineering & Mechanical Sciences

Thermodynamic Analysis, Testing and Validation of a 6 Stroke Engine

Michael Clear

Trinity College Dublin

Computer Science & Information Studies

Efficient Quantum-Resistant Identity-Based Cryptography

Christoph Walsh

Trinity College Dublin

Business & Economics

Testing the Expectations Hypothesis for the Euro Interbank Offered Rate

Alan Russell

Queen’s University Belfast

Ancient & Classical Studies

Discuss the causes and effectiveness of the persecution of Diocletian and his pagan successors

Gavin Kenny

Trinity College Dublin

Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

A description of the Tapponier-Molnar model for major strike-slip extrusion of SE Asia during the late Cenozoic

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