UA Global Winners 2018

These are the top performing papers in each category of The Undergraduate Awards 2018.



Architecture & Design

Karen El Asmar | American University of Beirut
“Beyond Architecture – Infrastructure As Architecture”


Art History & Theory

Jun Yuan Chua | Yale University
“Make Tea Not War: Imagining Formal Empire in William Daniell’s A View In China



Brian Heffernan | Dublin Institute of Technology
“An Exploration into Online Impression Management and the Selective Self-Presentation Strategies of Generation Z on Instagram”


Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Li Ling Tan | Nanyang Technological University
Use of a Microfluidic Platform for Polymersomes Fabrication


Classical Studies & Archaeology

Amelia Halls | University of Manchester
“Alternative Approaches to Animal Artwork: A Relational Ecology Approach to Upper Palaeolithic Human-Animal Relationships”


Computer Sciences

Cristian Bodnar | University of Manchester
“Text to Image Synthesis Using Generative Adversarial Networks”


Earth & Environmental Sciences

Lyndsay Walsh | Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin
“Investigating how Habitat Influences Bird Abundance, Diversity and Feeding Guilds in Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, Mexico”



Shamus Lee | University of Exeter
“Does Degree Class Matter? The Effects of Degree Classification on Graduate Earnings”



Sylvia Lee | National Institute of Education, Singapore
“The Role of ICT in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics”



Michaela Taylor-Williams | University of Western Australia
“Hollow-core Photonic Crystal Fibre-based Needle Probes for Raman Spectroscopy of Biological Tissue”



Matthew Barton | Australian National University
“Pattern of the National Type: Australians, the Beach, and the Rise of the Lifesaver in the Interwar Period”



Melany Toombs | Australian National University
“Architecture and Authority: Legal Spaces in Al-Andalus”


Life Sciences

Pascale Wehr | The University of Queensland
“Characterising the Autoantigen-specific CD4+ T Cell Response and Repertoire over the Course of Antigen-induced Arthritis in a Mouse Model”



Jessica Sanchez | National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
“Phonological Priming Effects in Children with Down Syndrome: Evidence of a Phonologically Based Lexical Organisation”



Patrick Lillie | Durham University
“Chapbook Literature and the Social Imagination”


Mathematics & Physics

Alexander Zagajewski | St Andrews
“Modelling the Properties of Intracellular Microlasers”


Medical Sciences

Tiffany Ni | Western University
“The Targeted Antioxidant, Catalase-SKL, Protects Against Cisplatin-Induced Ototoxicity in HEI-OC1 Cells”


Music, Film & Theatre

Rosalind Moran | Australian National University
Speaking Through Her: Christine Jeffs’s Sylvia and the ongoing misinterpretation of Sylvia Plath


Nursing, Midwifery & Allied Healthcare

Emily Morrison | Ryerson University 
The Missing Ingredient: Food Safety Messages on Popular Recipe Blogs



James Monaghan | University of Sydney
“Becoming Philosophers: Plato’s Challenge in the Crito


Politics & International Relations

Laura Trad | St Andrews
“The role of violence in the political order of colonial regimes: British rule in Iraq and French Rule in Algeria”



Natalya Jia Yu Wickramasuriya | National University of Singapore
Development of the Sensitivity to Instructor Criticism Scale (SICS)


Social Sciences: Anthropology & Cultural Studies

Istifaa Ahmed | University of California, Berkeley
mY [blOOd] bOdY: Examining Racialized Sexual Violence Against Black Women through Performance Art


Social Sciences: Sociology & Social Policy

Izzy Howlett | University of Glasgow
A Descriptive Study of The Documents Presented to Patients Following Down Syndrome Screening.


Visual Arts

Yi Xian Issa Sng | Nanyang Technological University
Cabinet of Ludicrosity

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