UA Global Winners 2017

These are the top performing papers in each category of The Undergraduate Awards 2017.



Architecture & Design

Martha Andrews | University of Dundee
“Headspace: Creating a Happier Hospital”


Art History & Theory

Eden Gelgoot | Queen’s University at Kingston
The role of the UNESCO World Heritage List in the commemoration of World War II



Robert Sarich | Australian National University
“Solving social problems with social marketing – Using a process-driven approach to develop a solution to Australia’s blood shortage”


Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Phillip Karpati | University of Sydney
Selenium-Mediated Peptide Ligations at Proline-Proline Junctions


Classical Studies & Archaeology

Melanie Hechenberger | Monash University
“The Origin of Writing in Egypt: Administrative or Ceremonial?”


Computer Sciences

Dinh Luan Nguyen | University of Science, VNU-HCM
“Deep Convolutional Neural Network in Deformable Part Models for Face Detection”


Earth & Environmental Sciences

Bridget Murphy | Western University
Future Climate Conditions Alter Leaf Thermotolerance in Canadian Boreal Trees



Daniel Cueva | University of Birmingham
“An Econometric Analysis of the Fundamental Determinants of Economic Development in Latin America”



Farhana Choudhury | University of Manchester
“A discussion of literacy as a vehicle which enables women from urban Afghanistan and rural Nepal to overcome societal challenges and participate in society”



Amber Tan | Nanyang Technological University
Investigating the Effects of Toothed Edges and Large Openings on the Seismic Behaviour of Confined Masonry Walls



Lauren Killingswort | Stanford University
Mapping Public Health in Nineteenth-Century Oxford


Language & Linguistics

Alexandra Brito | University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Effects of Language Immersion versus Classroom Exposure on Advanced French Learners: An ERP Study



Kathy Liu | Australian National University
Moral Emotions and Restorative Justice: A Legal-Psychological Analysis of the Role of Shame and Guilt in the Restorative Justice Process in Offender Rehabilitation


Life Sciences

Jamie Sugrue | Trinity College, University of Dublin
“NLRP3 inflammasome activation alters the metabolic profile of macrophages.”



Noah Fields | Brown University
“Men Reading Jane Austen: Close Writing Across Gender Scripts”


Mathematics & Physics

Jeremy Lim | Nanyang Technological University
“Relativistic Attosecond Electron Pulse Train Production for Ultrafast Electron Imaging”


Medical Sciences

Nwe Nwe Linn Oo | Nanyang Technological University
Bone marrow on-a-chip for one-step recruitment and expansion of leukaemia stem cells


Music, Film & Theatre

Conor Brennan | Trinity College, University of Dublin
“All those who no longer are are there”: Between what lasts and what is lost in the passing on of ‘The Last Witnesses'”


Nursing, Midwifery & Allied Healthcare

Amy Lewis | Western University
Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Initiatives for Inuit Youth in Canada”



Tadgh Healy | Trinity College, University of Dublin
“A Place for Forgiveness in Reconciliation


Politics & International Relations

Tushar Bhargava | Brown University
Partners in Crime: Telecommunication Companies and Intelligence Agencies”



Jordan Skrynka | University of Dundee
“Hungry and Impulsive: Does blood glucose predict impulsivity for future rewards in a fasted state?”


Social Sciences: Anthropology & Cultural Studies

Alex Longson | University of St Andrews
Cinematic representations of Scottish national identity: 
Sunshine on Leith (2013), a case study


Social Sciences: Sociology & Social Policy

Sarah McKenna | Queen’s University Belfast
A Shifting Lens: How intersectionality facilitates an understanding of the dynamics and structures of inequality in contemporary society.


Visual Arts

Vivienne Molloy | National College of Art and Design
“Mourning the Bees”

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