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Tips for 2016 UA Submissions

We’ve already given you the tips from our alumni about how to finalise your UA submissions. Now we’re going to give you a few pointers from the UA team!

  1. Remember you can submit up to three papers – Many people will have one paper that they think is the best work they’ve produced, particularly if they have just finished a final year project. That’s wonderful and we always encourage you to submit the work you’re proud of but why not take advantage of being able to submit three papers? All it can do is increase your chances.
  2. Recommend UA to a friend – If you’re not submitting to the same category, you won’t be in competition with each other. Plus you could end up attending our annual summit in Dublin with a friend if you’re both successful.
  3. Don’t necessarily wait until the deadline – This can be a busy time of year for people so we recommend for people to get their submissions in as soon as possible. If you’re submitting final projects or getting results of papers at the moment, why not submit them to UA at the same time? Then it’s one less thing to have on your mind.
  4. Look at our past journals and art exhibition if you’re stuck on deciding what to submit – Your submission doesn’t always have to be your highest graded project, it can be the one you’re most proud of or one that you feel has that little something different. Get some inspiration from our past journals or last year’s Aligned art exhibition.
  5. Try not to stress too much about choosing a category – From what we’ve seen, you know your papers the best so your instincts are most likely the right choice. Consider who you’ll be competing against, who will be judging the category and what department is awarding your degree. After that, commit to the most suitable of our 25 categories and trust your selection.
  6. Make sure you’re anonymous – Take a quick look at our anonymity requirements and consider our tips for ensuring your submission doesn’t give you away. You don’t want something like forgetting to remove your name to be the thing that prevents you from winning.
  7. Graduates can also submit – Remember you can submit if you graduated in 2015 along with penultimate and final year students. Don’t rule yourself out automatically just because you’re a graduate.
  8. Make sure you’re within the word count – Yes, footnotes do count but abstract, bibliography and appendices do not. Do check what the word count for your category is because it is taken into consideration by the UA team.
  9. Check the type of document that you’re submitting – Submit in PDF (.pdf) or Word Document (.docx) format – we need to be able to check your document for anonymity, word count, etc. Please don’t scan up a copy of your paper.
  10. It’s easy to submit – Don’t build it up or get too stressed about it, just upload your paper and we’ll take care of the rest!
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