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This page provides some more details on how The Undergraduate Awards recognises top undergraduate work, shares this work with a global audience and connects students across cultures and disciplines.

Different categories of recognition, are entitled to different aspects of the prize details listed below.
Learn about The Undergraduate Awards’s categories of recognition, here.

International Recognition

The Undergraduate Awards was founded on the belief that undergraduate coursework should go further than one University department. While there are a multitude of academic competitions and research grants available to postgraduate students, we often do not recognise the value of undergraduate coursework and research.

The Undergraduate Awards gives undergraduate students the chance to have their work anonymously assessed by an independent and international panel of judges. Being named a Global Winner, Regional Winner or Highly Commended Entrant means that their work has been identified as the best in their field, compared to global undergraduate coursework.

Past Winners and Highly Commended Entrants have used this achievement to secure postgraduate opportunities and enhance their CV or Resumé.

Winning the Undergraduate Award was a wonderful experience, and has served as a sort of milestone in my life. In personal terms, it was extraordinarily gratifying to receive that recognition for all the work and energy I put into my studies as an undergraduate. It has also, without any doubt, served me well in terms of my career progression, especially in getting interviews for jobs.

– Mark Canavan, Politics Winner 2009

The Global Undergraduate Summit

The Global Undergraduate Summit is a unique three-day event, which brings together top students from around the world to celebrate their achievement, present their work and take part in discussions and workshops geared towards facilitating inter-disciplinary collaboration and inspiring future careers and study options.

The event will take place in Dublin in Croke Park from the 12th-14th November. You can learn more about The Global Undergraduate Summit here.

All students who reach Stage 2 of the Judging Process will be invited to join us at The Global Undergraduate Summit. Their tickets are sometimes funded by the entrant’s home Institution or financed by the entrant themselves.

The UA Global Summit was an amazing experience marked by a rich exchange of ideas amongst undergraduates from all over the world. It is unlike any other awards programme. Ensuring top performing students are recognised at an undergraduate level will help to foster the next generation of world-leading academics.

– Robert Sarich, Oceania Regional Winner for Business 2016

Find out more about the UA Global Summit and watch some videos of past Summits.

Certificate and Gold Medal

All Highly Commended Entrants and Winners receive a certificate of recognition, no matter where in the world they are based.

Global Winners also receive a Gold Medal, which is awarded at an Awards Ceremony at The Global Undergraduate Summit. Every year the UA Gold Medal has featured a pioneering scholar:

2010 – W.B Yeats, poet
2011 – Oscar Wilde, playwright
2012 – Ernest Walton, physicist
2013 – Bram Stoker, author
2014 – George Berkeley, philosopher
2015 – Eileen Gray, designer
2016 – Sheila Tinney, mathematician
2017 – Thomas Clarkson, abolitionist, activist

The Undergraduate Journal and The Undergraduate Library

One of the aims of the The Undergraduate Awards is to share top undergraduate coursework with a global audience.

The Undergraduate Journal is a annual publication, which profiles the work of the Global Winners. This journal is sent to libraries around the world and is often requested by academics as a directory of the finest undergraduates from every discipline. It is also often a student’s first experience of academic publishing. You can read past journals here.

Seeing my essay published in a journal has spurred me to replicate that feat.

– Joanne Davies, Historical Studies Winner 2009

The Undergraduate Library is a new UA project, an online library where all successful submissions will be published, offering students the chance to gain a wider audience for their work, and also browse a directory of other exceptional coursework.

UA operates a policy of non-exclusive fully transferable copyright. We will never publish work without a entrant’s express permission and can remove work from The Undergraduate Library at any point.


The UA Alumni Portal

The UA Alumni Portal is a private online directory of all UA Winners and Highly Commended Entrants since 2009. Membership of the portal gives UA Alumni access to a network of scholars and industry leaders across the globe. UA regularly cultivates tailored content for the portal on career advancement, academic grants, research and more.

It was fantastic and humbling to be acknowledged by leading lecturers in my field and put on a par with some of the other truly impressive winners. I am really looking forward to being part of the UA Alumni Network going forward.

– Daniel Philbin Bowman, Astronomy & Space Science Winner 2010

The UA Alumni Portal is a tool exclusive to UA Alumni, designed to achieve the following:

  • Connect UA Alumni who are at different stages of their career or research.
  • Offer support and advice.
  • Facilitate international collaboration and the sharing of ideas.
  • Encourage generosity and reciprocity within the UA Alumni Network.


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