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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Rewina Sahle Bedemariam

Rewina Sahle Bedemariam from Addis Ababa University was a Regional Winner for Africa and the Middle East in the Psychology category in 2016 for her paper “Sexual Identity Development and Faith Maturity of Ethiopian Homosexuals: Implications on Psychological Wellbeing.” She is currently working as a consumer psychologist and researcher at Cactus Communications. 

After winning in the Psychology category of The Undergraduate Awards in 2016 as the Regional Winner for Africa and the Middle East, Rewina has been a part-time lecturer of social psychology and health psychology at Addis Ababa University. In her spare time, she writes poetry and articles for “What’s Out” magazine. Rewina also had the opportunity to deliver a TEDx talk on issues of personality, self-labelling and the many dimensions of the self. Rewina writes,

My enduring romance with psychology and behavioural sciences began at an early age. I grew up with a curiosity to know about what motivates us, what makes us feel and act a certain way, how we make sense of reality, how we form concepts and how we create sense of self. 

Rewina is currently undertaking research on the traditional healers of Ethiopia and their perceptions of psychological disorders, and will soon be commencing her Master’s degree in Industrial/Organisational Psychology at the University of Valencia and the University of Coimbra as part of the EU’s Erasmus programme. Rewina chose this particular Master’s because:

The study of power dynamics in organisations, leadership and enhancing the lives of both the employee and the employer have been interesting to me since reading Baldassare Castiglione’s book of the courtier, a book which gave insight on work dynamics and behaviour of Renaissance court life. As such, applying principles of psychology to the corporate world in its modern form fascinates me.

Rewina describes her experience of The Undergraduate Awards as a Highly Commended Entrant and Regional Winner as “phenomenal” and emphasises that all of her hard work on her research paper was worth it for the prize of an Undergraduate Award. Best of luck in your Master’s Rewina, we can’t wait to see what you do next!

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