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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Matej Silecky

Matej Silecky from the University of California, Berkeley was Highly Commended in Gender Studies & Anthropology  2014. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 2015 with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies (Landscape Architecture, Russian, Film) and a minor in Theater, Dance & Performance Studies. He then completed additional coursework at Berkeley in Business, Marketing & Landscape Architecture, through Haas School of Business and the College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley.

He also spent a year continuing in competitive figure skating, culminating in a trip to the US Figure Skating National Championships. While recovering from a resulting skating injury, Matej formed a production company, Kitsune Tale Productions, LLC, to foster independent & creative projects that transform perspectives through storytelling. His first project built on work begun at Berkeley : “Baba Babee Skazala [Grandmother Told Grandmother],” an archival interview & documentary film project that will preserve & share the ancestral legacies of American immigrant post-WWII  Ukrainian Displaced Persons, whose stories manifest individual and community resilience in the journey to find “home” when their homes, and often family, were taken from them. Matej is also developing his conceptual design skills and plans to create re-defining stories for video games, animations, and film.  

He splits his time between New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco, so send a message if you are in those areas and want to meet up!

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