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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Kamarul Bin Mohamed Sapiee

Kamarul Bin Mohamed Sapiee from Nanyang Technological University who was a Highly Commended Entrant in the Visual Arts and Design Category in 2016 for his Paper titled “Hardhat”

Right after the UA Global Summit in November 2016 he had a video work commissioned by Google, the work was on display on a digital wall in their Asia-Pacific HQ office in Singapore. The work was titled “From 1 Billion To 1”.

“The Future is Already here..” article published on LinkedIn by Tolla Sloane Associate Art Consultant at Contemporary Art Society, discussing the detail, structure and experience of his work.


He graduated back in May, where he also created an artwork for the graduation show, titled “The Hue Space” which he was also Highly Commended for this year! He gave us a summary off what it was about.


‘The Hue Space is an interactive audiovisual installation that explores light in relation to human emotions. Presented in a full-dome projection space, this enclosed and immersive room invites visitors to experience unfamiliar and singular visual conditions. Through multiple combinations of sound and subtle gradual transition of colours, the work engenders unique and constantly evolving lighting tableaux. Inspired by the psychological influence of colours on human perception, visitors may find themselves constructing emotional responses and narratives during their experience.’

Here is a video documenting his work.


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