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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Hannah McCartney

Hannah McCartney was Highly Commended in the Economics category of the Undergraduate Awards in 2015 for her paper on the case for abolishing Intellectual Property Rights entitled.

“Since the development of intellectual property rights in 17th century England, economists have argued whether patents encourage the pursuit of entrepreneurship or hinder creativity and development.”

Hannah is currently living in London after graduating from the University of East Anglia with a first in Economics and recently completed the graduate scheme at L’Oreal UK & Ireland, working in different teams across the business. She now has a permanent role in the Business Development Team there, specialising in skincare.


 “A job that allows me to combine the analytical part of my studies that I always enjoyed with my passion for health and beauty. “


One of the most important things she learnt from the Undergraduate Awards was the value of multi-disciplinary learning, and she feels very lucky to be in a job that encourages her to explore this every day. Although Hannah didn’t pursue academia past her undergraduate degree, she hopes one day to complete an MBA, and see herself pursuing a career in Business Strategy – perhaps working with start ups to grow their brands into established businesses, as this is where her interest lies.

One of the reasons Hannah chose to work for L’Oreal is the fact that it is a company grounded in gender equality and empowering women. This was also something Hannah really valued about the Undergraduate Awards.


 “The Global Summit I attended in Dublin was so diverse, yet so inclusive, and I met some truly inspirational women there. Young women feeling empowered to go into the world of business is something that is incredibly important to me and schemes such as the Undergraduate Awards provide an excellent platform for them to do so. I can certainly say, speaking from personal experience, that I would not have had the opportunities I have had without the backing of the scheme and my dream is to become a role model for the next generation of female business people.”





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