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UA launches The Global Undergraduate Awards Community

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new platform, the Global Undergraduate Awards Community. This is a private social network, exclusively available to:

  • UA Judges (both those currently signed up and those from previous years)
  • UA Alumni (previous Global Winners and Highly Commended Entrants)
  • UA Campus Ambassadors.

This Community will be a place for anyone associated with the UA to develop connections and engage, both within and beyond their chosen discipline and cohort.

Why should you join The Global Undergraduate Awards Community?

Whether you are someone starting out in an academic career looking to connect with experienced experts in your field, or a more established researcher interested in sharing your insight, this platform is an excellent place to build these relationships.

If you are a student:

The benefits of this Community for students will be manifold.

The platform is a powerful way to further the UA’s goal of empowering and connecting outstanding students across cultures and disciplines. We strongly believe that, through interdisciplinary collaboration, the world’s brightest students can make the world a better place for all, and this social network is another medium to encourage this.

Furthermore, if a student, or indeed an early-career researcher, is feeling lost or in need of advice and guidance, this Community is a place to find many others who have been in a similar position, and who can provide thoughtful advice.

If you are a judge:

Judges, too, find considerable benefits on this platform, not least the opportunity to network with colleagues from all over the world.

For those looking to collaborate on a research project, or indeed find people to participate in a grant application, the Community will be a great resource. It is also a forum for dialogue across the usual divides of topic and department, in an informal setting that promotes creativity and connection.

Judges who become members will find a dedicated forum, private from other users, where they can discuss the judging process, and exchange advice and suggestions about completing the various stages of the process.

What is The UA Community for?

This Community is a fully-featured social media site, with private messaging, designated Spaces for subsets of the community, topics for tagging different kinds of content, options for posts including polls and articles, and more besides. It is run through the MightyNetworks platform, and is also available through a mobile app. Simply download the MightyNetworks app on the iOS or Google Play store to access the Community on the go.

We plan to hold various events, such as a monthly speaker drawn from among our Community; and members are welcome to hold seminars or other events of their own choosing.

As a member, you can share material relevant to your academic interests, or more broadly about topics such as academic lifestyle, UA stories, mental health and wellbeing, calls for papers, and other related areas.

Of course, we will be applying our core values and principles in managing this Community, and we’ll keep an eye on all activities on the site, to ensure the safety and security of all its members. Upon signing up, make sure you have a look at our Community Guidelines.

UA Community Launch

Over the years, the UA has built relationships with a great many people, and we’re excited to bring you all together in this private space.

The UA Community will be launched on Monday, 4 April 2022.
Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sending out invites to many of our past Judges, Alumni, and Campus Ambassadors. If you don't receive this invitation, you can sign up through this link. Please note that if you do not have a pre-existing connection with the UA, you cannot become a member of the Community.

If you have any queries about the platform, or encounter any difficulties in signing up, get in touch with Calvin through:

We look forward to welcoming you to the Community!

UA Team