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UA Alumni: Sami Coccia

Hi! My name is Sami, I’m currently a rising senior at the University of Maryland, where I’m earning my dual degree in Business Analytics and Information Systems. I’m really interested in working with big data but outside of school, I love to travel, read, and spend time outdoors.

What work have you been doing as an intern?

As an intern at Undergraduate Awards, I’ve been working with Caroline to organize submission data. It’s been really interesting to see trends in topics of interest, region, gender, and more. I’ve also been gradually working on a report that includes what UA does, their impact, and statistics that summarize submissions and involvement over the past year.

This is my first time in Dublin and my friends and I have been taking every opportunity to explore the city! We’ve been spending our time trying new restaurants and pubs, exploring local markets, and learning more about the rich Irish culture. I’ve also become a regular at Pablo Picante and you can usually find me there with a burrito on my lunch break during the week. My favorite part of Dublin is definitely the live music. I've really enjoyed getting to hear traditional Irish music along with covers of some of my favorite songs.

What have you learned during your internship?

Over the last month at UA, I’ve learned about non-profit functions and what it means to work at a non-profit company. Working at a smaller company has also allowed me to see functions in each position that make up the company, including the social media/marketing and the communications aspects. Generally, working at an Irish company has also given me increased insight into common norms and lifestyles in Ireland. Prior to coming here, I’d never worked abroad and it’s really cool to see how cultural differences are reflected in workplace environments. I’ve learned more about the dimensions in culture and how they impact organizations.

What has been your favorite part so far?

One of my favorite parts about my internship so far has been lunches in Fitzwilliam Square. We’ve been blessed with such beautiful weather over the past couple of weeks and sitting in the park to spend some time outside while also getting to know the other members of the company has been one of the things I’ve enjoyed most in Dublin. Niamh and Caroline have also introduced me to some of my favorite foods in Dublin including Pablo Picante (of course), sushi from Dunnes, and the deli at Gourmet Spar.

What are your future plans?

This fall, I start my fourth year of college. I plan on taking a fifth year and to earn my master’s and I’m excited for the opportunities ahead. Post-college, I plan on pursuing a career in consulting where I can take my interest in data and combine it with my passion to work with and help other people. I look forward to applying the skills and knowledge UA has given me throughout my career!