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UA Alumni: Hannah Slack

My name is Hannah. I am originally from Wakefield, Yorkshire but I moved to Nottingham in 2018 to start my undergraduate Midwifery studies. This was a three-year course, split between academic studies and practical clinical placements. The latter involved community, antenatal, labour and postnatal ward opportunities. I got thoroughly involved during my training, being involved in multiple societies and opportunities. I was involved in the Nursing and Midwifery Association as Social Secretary, Journal Editor and then President. I was also Welfare Officer of the Archery Club and Student Project Lead of Tell Us Now – a Student as Change Agents Project. My biggest achievement was as a co-researcher of a CASCADE Funded Research Project. This included two publications as a student.

What are you doing now, and what has happened since the award?

Since graduating in January 2021, I started work as a newly qualified midwife. I loved my university experience and have now continued my studies with a part-time master’s degree at Anglia Ruskin University, which I am also enjoying. My biggest milestone is that I have bought my own house, which makes me feel like such an adult. It’s been a labour of love as I have renovated the interior. Next up is the garden!

Where do your interests lie?

I have continued to love advocating for both women in my care and colleagues. I often attend topical conferences and enjoy participating in projects to further my own self-development. In my first year, I completed the Florence Nightingale Early Career Leadership Fellow, undertaking an improvement project on skin integrity. I am also on the Nursing and Midwifery Board at my trust, as a Staff Representative to ensure clear communication and information is cascaded to the workforce. In my down time, I love spending time travelling, visiting family, and going on dog walks. I also like to knit, often donating baby hats to the hospitals, and have fun at archery with friends.

Has receiving an award for your hard work helped?

More than anything, I think receiving the award helped give me the confidence in my own ability. I loved having the positive feedback and simply being part of the alumni community has been such a wonderful opportunity.

What are your plans/dreams for the future?

I honestly have no idea what I want in the future. I used to have a very clear path in mind, but I have ended up enjoying the clinical role more than I ever thought. I would like to go into part-time management in the coming years, but I want to retain my clinical experience throughout. I think lecturing and research are also areas I would love to be involved in, so I will see where I end up.

Why should students submit their work?

If you are even considering submitting your own work, I say do it! You are completing the work anyway so why not send it for extra recognition and support.