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Hashtag Newcastle

The GUA at HashtagHigherEd, UK

On the global undergraduate awards campaign trail again.

The GUA is in Newcastle this week - 20–21 May 2024 with Times Higher Education - An event dedicated to higher education marketing and communications, coming together to share best practices and branding strategies to amplify institutional identity.

It's an event tailor-made for the sphere we share in higher education globally and we're gearing up to immerse ourselves in discussions, workshops, and networking sessions aimed at refining our branding strategies and amplifying identity in this uniquely challenging market.

This gathering promises to be a goldmine of insights and best practices, offering us a platform to learn from the experiences of others and share our own expertise. From innovative branding techniques to effective communication strategies, we're excited to explore every facet of elevating our profile on the global stage.

With the combined knowledge and collaboration of GUA and Times Higher Education, we're looking forward to an energizing and enlightening experience.

Together, we'll celebrate the achievements of higher education and chart a course for future success in this ever-evolving landscape. So, let's pack our bags and head to Newcastle University for what's sure to be a transformative event!


Maybe we will see you there...