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GUA News: Irish President and GUA Patron, Michael D. Higgins awarded Honorary Doctorate

Congratulations to Irish President and GUA Patron Michael D. Higgins honoured today (April 23rd 2024) with the distinguished Doctor of Letters degree by the University of Manchester's chancellor, Nazir Afzal. This esteemed recognition not only celebrates President Higgins's significant contributions to literature and public life but also underscores the profound importance of his work.

Throughout his life President Higgins has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the promotion of literature and the arts, recognising their pivotal role in shaping societies and fostering cultural understanding. His advocacy for education and intellectual exchange has been exemplified through his patronage of initiatives such as our own Global Undergraduate Awards, which provide a platform for young scholars to showcase their talents and perspectives on a global stage.

Moreover, President Higgins's dedication to public service and social justice has left an indelible mark on Ireland and beyond. His steadfast advocacy for equality and sustainability resonates deeply with communities worldwide, inspiring positive change and fostering solidarity across borders.

As he receives this well-deserved honor, we commend President Higgins for his tireless efforts in advancing literature, education, and social justice, and we look forward to witnessing the continued impact of his work on future generations.