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GUA News: Unlocking productivity: how to avoid multitasking and get things done

Trying to do three or four things at once can mean that your mind is distracted and you might never finish anything. Instead try the “hot 30 technique”, where you focus on one task only for 30 minutes.

Flitting between tasks is a recipe for disaster. Having career plans on LinkedIn poised, assignments open waiting for the final flourish, presentations to craft, emails and your doom scroll all open at once might make you feel important, productive empowered even but real winners take the day one task at a time. Join them!

No matter how tempting multi-tasking might be, don't.

Instead, divide everything you do into definite spaces in your day. See how far through a task you can get, give yourself "a hot 30 minutes" see how quickly you can find flow, and see how much more you achieve when you finish what you start. There will always a ping to address, but most of them can wait.

Make focus your superpower and reap the rewards while everyone else is getting distracted.