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GUA Alumni: Calvin Heng

Congratulations Calvin Heng on your St. Gallen Symposium award and being recognised as a Top 100 Leader of Tomorrow!

As our The Global Undergraduate Awards Global winner 2022 for History your dedication, passion, and innovative spirit truly set you apart, we are deeply impressed by the significant contributions you've made to the academic community along with the National Institute of Education, Singapore with your paper "A Fray in the Iron Curtain: Locating the Aleutian Islands in the Truman Administration’s Cold War Strategic Calculus, 1950–1953"

So naturally we would like to extend further congratulations for earning a spot among the Top 100 Leaders of Tomorrow at the 53rd St. Gallen Symposium!

Founded in 1969, the St. Gallen Symposium is the world’s most longstanding and relevant platform for cross-generational dialogue. By bringing together leaders of today and tomorrow on key questions of our time, we aim to inspire current decision-makers to lead with the next generation in mind.

Here's to your continued success and impact!


Becoming an active member of the Global Undergraduate Awards Alumni Network, not only enriches your own journey but also contributes to a community that values excellence, creativity, and collaboration. Together we should continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and make a difference in the world.