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Computer Science: Now Accepting Group Work

For the first time, The Global Undergraduate Awards 2020 Programme will accept group work in the Computer Science category.

Group work has been a source of outstanding undergraduate research and the judging panels are eager to consider group work in this category. The future of technology and computing, as driven by undergraduate research, is brimming with potential to be recognised. Both individual students and students in groups are producing groundbreaking work and UA wants to recognise this.

Computer Science is a field that combines collaboration and communication in both theory and practice, making Computer Science the ideal category to accept group work entries. This makes 2020 an especially exciting year to be submitting work to the Computer Science Category, for entrants who did their work on their own and for those who did work as part of a group!

Both group work and single-authored work will compete together for the Global Winner in Computer Sciences.

The Judging Panel is looking forward to seeing what undergraduate research is being produced by both individuals and groups in the field of Computer Science.

Who can submit a piece of group work?

Group coursework produced by undergraduate students in Computer Science is eligible to be submitted. Group work must meet the same eligibility requirements and submission criteria as single-authored work but a piece of group work must also meet the following criteria to be eligible to submit:

  • A maximum of 5 contributing authors
  • All contributing authors need to meet the eligibility requirements (ie - each team member is independently eligible to submit.)
  • All contributing authors must consent to the entry being submitted to UA
  • One contributing author is nominated by the group to submit the work and represent the group at the UA Global Summit if their entry is awarded

If you did work as part of a group but do not have the consent of all members to submit it, then you cannot submit the piece. You can, however, submit your report on your part of the group work.

How to submit group work?

  • Register on our platform.
  • Prepare your entry: write your abstract, make sure your entry upload is anonymous and that it meets the word count requirement.
  • Fill in all authors’ details and contact emails.
  • Submit! You can submit up to three entries.

All undergraduate students of Computer Science, including Computer Systems, Coding Languages, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, etc. are encouraged to submit their best piece of coursework.

Best of luck to all entrants, we are excited to see the future of Computer Science research being produced by groups and individuals.