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Aicur 2

11th Annual AICUR

THE GUA is thrilled to announce we are embarking on the global undergraduate awards campaign trail this month, and we're looking forward to connecting with you across various stops in Europe and the UK.

Our journey begins with our first stop in Limerick, where we'll be engaging with talented undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds. Throughout our campaign trail, we'll be providing a platform to encourage more undergraduate scholars and their universities to join us. We're excited to hear your stories, insights, and aspirations as we collectively shape the future of academia on a global scale. Keep an eye out for updates on our upcoming events and join us as we celebrate the intellectual excellence of undergraduate students worldwide. Let's ignite inspiration, foster collaboration, and make a lasting impact together!

We will be presenting at the All Ireland Conference for Undergraduate Research - Thursday, April 11th, 2024

What is AICUR?

AICUR is an undergraduate research conference with presentations delivered by undergraduate students presenting work they have undertaken as part of their studies.

This undergraduate research conference distinguishes itself from typical academic gatherings through its exclusive focus on presentations delivered by undergraduate students, showcasing the research they have conducted as an integral part of their educational journey.

The conference serves as a platform open to undergraduate students from all levels, ranging from first-year to final-year, hailing from various Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across Ireland. It stands as a unique opportunity for these students to not only present their research findings but also to highlight their academic achievements.

Participating in this conference offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it allows students to receive constructive feedback on their work, fostering intellectual growth and refinement. Moreover, they gain invaluable insights and tips on effective presentation skills, honing their abilities to communicate their research effectively. Additionally, the experience of presenting at an academic conference provides real-world exposure, preparing them for future academic and professional endeavors. Overall, this conference serves as a vital stepping stone in the academic and personal development of undergraduate students, offering a platform for learning, growth, and recognition.

Maybe we will see you there...