2009 Judges

Judging Panels 2009

Each year, The Undergraduate Awards relies on the extraordinary work of our network of judges from around the world. The Undergraduate Awards extends our most sincere thanks to the academics, alumni and industry representatives listed below.



Chair: Prof. Dolores O’Riordan, University College Dublin

  • Prof. Pat Lonergan, University College Dublin
  • Prof. Séamus Fanning, University College Dublin
  • Dr. Eileen Gibney, University College Dublin
  • Dr. Deirdre O’Connor, University College Dublin


Chair: Dr. Abdullahi El-Tom, NUI Maynooth

  • Dr. Steve Coleman, NUI Maynooth
  • Dr. Patty Gray, NUI Maynooth


Chair: Dr. Colin Rynne, University College Cork

  • Dr. Carleton Jones, NUI Galway
  • Dr. Tomas Ó Carragáin, University College Cork


Chair: Prof. Cliona O’Farrelly, Trinity College Dublin

  • Prof. Rhodri Ceredig, NUI Galway
  • Dr. David Lloyd, Trinity College Dublin


Chair: Mr. William Kelly, Dublin City University


Chair: Prof. Kieran Hodnett, University of Limerick

  • Dr. Kevin M. Ryan, University of Limerick
  • Prof. John Cassidy, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Dr. John Colleran, NUI Maynooth
  • Dr. Leigh Jones, NUI Galway


Chair: Prof. Brian McGing, Trinity College Dublin

Computer Science

Chair: Dr. Fred Cummins, University College Dublin

  • Dr. John Mc Kenna, Dublin City University
  • Dr. Mikael Fernstrom, University of Limerick
  • Dr. Rem Collier, University College Dublin

Dental Science

Chair: Prof. Donald Burden, Queen’s University Belfast

  • Prof. Finbarr Allen, University College Cork
  • Prof. Helen Whelton, University College Cork
  • Prof. Brian O’Connell, Trinity College Dublin

Drama, Film & Music

Chair: Prof. Brian Singleton, Trinity College Dublin

  • Dr. Harvey O’Brien, University College Dublin
  • Dr. Paul Murphy, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Prof. Fiona Palmer, NUI Maynooth
  • Dr. Marcus Zagorski, University College Cork
  • Dr. Niamh Doheny, Huston Film School

Earth Sciences

Chair: Prof. Paul D. Ryan, NUI Galway

  • Dr. John Graham, Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr. Ed Jarvis, University College Cork


Chair: Prof. Niamh Brennan, University College Dublin

  • Prof. Frances Ruane, ERSI
  • Mr. Constantin Gurdgiev, Trinity College Dublin
  • Mr. Donal de Buitleir, AIB
  • Mr. Austin Hughes, IIB Bank
  • Prof. Colm Harmon, University College Dublin


Chair: Mr. Michael Cotter, Dublin City University

  • Mr. Padraig O’Murchu, Intel
  • Dr. Kevin Marshall, Microsoft
  • Mr. Paul Rowe, Educate Together


Chair: Prof. Nick Quirke, University College Dublin

  • Prof. Clive Williams, Trinity College Dublin
  • Prof. Patrick FitzPatrick, University College Cork


Chair: Prof. Elmer Kennedy, University of Ulster

  • Prof. Nicholas Grene, Trinity College Dublin
  • Prof. Peter Denman, NUI Maynooth
  • Prof. Brian Carahar, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Prof. Jan Jedrzejewski, University of Ulster
  • Dr. Farnkie Sewell, University of Ulster
  • Dr. Anne Jamison, University of Ulster
  • Dr. Willa Murphy, University of Ulster

Genetics & Microbiology

Chair: Prof. Tony Kavanagh, Trinity College Dublin

  • Dr. David McHugh, University College Dublin
  • Prof. Kevin Devine, Trinity College Dublin
  • Prof. Noel Lowndes, NUI Galway
  • Dr. Emmeline Hill, University College Dublin


Chair: Prof. Patrick O’Flanagan, University College Cork

  • Dr. Úna Ní Chaoimh, University College Cork
  • Dr. Denis Linehan, University College Cork

History & Humanities

Chair: Prof. Alan Sharp, University of Ulster

  • Prof. Roy Foster, Oxford University
  • Prof. Richard Aldous, University College Dublin


Chair: Dr. Regina Uí Chollatáin, University College Dublin

  • Dr. Pádraigín Riggs, University College Cork
  • Dr. Brian Ó Catháin, NUI Maynooth

Languages, Literature & Cultural Studies

Chair: Prof. Tom Moylan, University of Limerick

  • Prof. Patricia Coughlan, University College Cork
  • Dr. Patrick Brereton, Dublin City University
  • Dr. Ross Dawson, Liverpool John Moores University
  • Dr. Maureen Connor, Mary Immaculate College


Chair: Dr. Eoin O’Dell, Trinity College Dublin


Chair: Prof. Grace Neville, University College Cork

  • Dr. Loic Guyon, Mary Immaculate College
  • Dr. Anne Gallagher, NUI Maynooth
  • Dr. Sifora Pierce, University College Dublin
  • Dr. Jean-Philippe Imbert, Dublin City University
  • Dr. Paul Ryan, Waterford Institute of Technology


Chair: Prof. Daniel M. Heffernan, NUI Maynooth

  • Dr. Oliver Mason, NUI Maynooth
  • Prof. Stephen Kirkland, NUI Maynooth
  • Prof. Gary McGuire, University College Dublin
  • Dr. Edward Cox, University College Dublin
  • Prof. John Carroll, Dublin City University

Medicine & Health Science

Chair: Dr. Geraldine Boylan, University College Cork

  • Dr. Sean Connolly, St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin
  • Prof. Edward Johns, University College Cork
  • Prof. Fidelma Dunne, NUI Galway
  • Prof. Colin Bradley, University College Cork

Nursing & Midwifery

Chair: Prof. Kathy Murphy, NUI Galway

  • Prof. Eileen Savage, University College Cork
  • Dr. Abbey Hyde, University College Dublin
  • Dr. Bernie Quinlan, University of Limerick


Chair: Prof. David Jones, Queen’s University Belfast


Chair: Dr. Felix Ó Murchadha, NUI Galway

  • Dr. Michael Dunne, NUI Maynooth
  • Dr. Lilian O’Brien, University College Cork
  • Dr. Paul O’Grady, Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr. Tim Mooney, University College Dublin
  • Dr. Jeremy Watkins, Queen’s University Belfast


Chair: Dr. Creidhe O’Sullivan, NUI Maynooth

  • Dr. Nicholas Devaney, NUI Galway
  • Dr. Martin Leahy, University of Limerick
  • Dr. Eilish McLoughlin, Dublin City University
  • Dr. Síle Nic Chormaic, University College Cork

Physiotherapy & Sport Science

Chair: Dr. Brian Caulfield, University College Dublin

  • Dr. Juliette Hussey, Trinity College Dublin
  • Prof. Marie Guidon, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland


Chair: Dr. Mary Murphy, NUI Maynooth

  • Dr. Iain McMenamin, Dublin City University
  • Dr. John Barry, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Dr. Maura Adshead, University of Limerick


Chair: Dr. Mark Elliot, NUI Galway

  • Dr. Stanislava Antonijevic, NUI Galway
  • Dr. Olive Healy, NUI Galway
  • Dr. Julian Leslie, University of Ulster

Religion, Theology & Ecumenics

Chair: Dr. Zuleika Rodgers, Trinity College Dublin

  • Dr. Anne Fitzpatrick, Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr. Oliver Scharbrodt, University College Cork
  • Prof. Brian Bocking, University College Cork
  • Prof. Seamus O’Connell, NUI Maynooth


Chair: Prof. Pat O’Connor, University of Limerick

  • Dr. Ciaran McCullagh, University College Cork
  • Prof. Mary Corcoran, NUI Maynooth
  • Dr. Iarfhlaith Watson, University College Dublin
  • Aifric O’Grada, University College Cork
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