Aligned | Art Exhibition

ALIGNED is the first art exhibition of its kind: a series of exhibitions taking place over the course of 7 weeks, from May 8th - June 26th, across six higher education institutions of art and design in four countries: Ireland, Scotland, Singapore and Australia. The institutions are displaying the work of their past and current students who were either Winners or Highly Commended Entrants to the The Undergraduate Awards.

Australian National University, Australia - Live Exhibition in ANU (2nd - 8th June)

Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland - Live Exhibition in DIT (2nd - 8th June)

Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland - Live Exhibition in LIT (19th - 21st May)

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore - Live Exhibition in NTU (8th - 17th May)

National College of Art and Design, Ireland - Live Exhibition in NCAD (3rd - 26th June)

University of Dundee, Scotland - Live Exhibition in Dundee (11th - 31st May)

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