Tadhg O’Laoighaire

Tadhg recently completed his undergraduate degree in Philosophy at UCC, where he was named first in his class and was the university’s candidate for the Philip Malone Scholarship. Developing a penchant for philosophy primarily through his desire to come up with intricate ad-hoc justifications for various teenage transgressions, his interests range from bioethics to political philosophy to legal theory, and his goal is to be able to contribute something valuable to any discussion or conversation imaginable. As such, he’s keen on injecting philosophical issues and ideas into society at large and, in an effort to realise this ambition, he is a founding member and current acting auditor of the UCC Sophia Society.

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2014

University: University College Cork
Category: Philosophical Studies

Thinking Makes it So; A Defence of Narrative Reflection as the Appropriate Measure of Worthwhile Life

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