Siobhan Moriarty

What have you been up to since winning the Undergraduate Awards?
Since winning an Undergraduate Award I have continued reading into the areas of Philosophy in which I am most interested. At the moment I am applying for admittance to Masters Courses in Philosophy at a number of different universities. I have also been working as a Barista. This has allowed me to greatly develop my knowledge and appreciation of coffee. I have learned about, inter alia; varietals; processing methods; roast profiles; unusual brewing techniques and the argument for direct trade as opposed to free trade (among other things direct trade can reward extra effort and the excellence which that produces with prices far beyond those specified by fair trade).

What did winning the Undergraduate Awards mean to you?
For me the most gratifying result of winning a gold medal in the Undergraduate Awards was the publication of my essay in the Awards Journal. Seeing my work alongside that of the other winners is very rewarding.

What tips do you have for students entering the Undergraduate Awards?
The only tips I can give are obvious ones: the recommendation that you should make sure to engage fully with the question with which your essay is concerned and the literature which you examine in relation to it and the suggestion that even if you don’t think you will win you should allow for the possibility that you could by entering your best essays into the Undergraduate Awards.

Undergraduate Award Winner in 2010

University: Trinity College Dublin
Category: Philosophical Studies

Describe and evaluate the supervaluational theory of vagueness

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