Siddharth Krishnan

Siddharth is currently a Neuroscience PhD student at the University of Manchester. Originally from India, he moved to the United Kingdom to study, and earned his undergraduate degree in Pharmacology from Manchester. Having decided to take year out from university to do a year in industry anyway, he was also keen on a change of scenery and moved to the United States where he worked at the Mayo Clinic in Florida. He is now the recipient of the President’s Doctoral Scholar Award and the Faculty of Life Sciences Research Scholarship to support his PhD. Outside the lab, Siddharth is a passionate cook and takes pride in putting together a killer curry. He also enjoys hiking, camping and kayaking in addition to being an avid numismatist.

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2014

University: University of Manchester
Category: Life Sciences

Investigating the Role of LRRTM3 in Alzheimer’s Disease: The Characterisation of an LRRTM3 Knock-Out Mouse Model

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