Sami Khan

Sami was awarded the Ernest Walton Undergraduate Awards medal for his research on a toilet design for underprivileged countries.

After graduating in 2012, Sami accepted a promising position as a junior chemical engineer at a reputed mining firm in Toronto. Spending this time in a professional career allowed him to reflect deeply on his sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, and he had a few unanswered questions.

“There are brilliant innovative ideas emerging from all corners of the world today, from novel toilets to harnessing clean biomass energy – but how viable are these in reality? Why are there so many technical and policy barriers that attempt to slow down or even stop such ideas from fruition – and what can we do about it?”

These questions motivated him to pursue graduate studies at MIT and learn more about the technology-policy interface.

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2012

University: University of Toronto
Course: Engineering & Mechanical Sciences

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