Ruth Murphy

From Wexford Town in the South East of Ireland, in 2011 Ruth began a degree in European Studies in Trinity College Dublin. Ruth graduated this year with a First Class Honours, having taken Italian and French as her two languages. Her third year was spent on Erasmus in Siena, Italy. Upon finishing her final exams Ruth received the Italian Cultural Institute of Dublin award for the best student of Italian in Trinity College. One of the main reasons Ruth chose to study Italian was because she knew she eventually wanted to pursue a career in classical singing, and opera and Italian go hand in hand. Whilst in Siena Ruth studied singing part time in the Istituto Rinaldo Franci under Laura Polverelli and studied with Irish mezzo-soprano Lynda Lee during her degree in Dublin. She is currently studying a diploma in Music Performance and Teaching at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, and hopes to continue studies in classical singing in Dublin or abroad over the coming years.

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2015

University: Trinity College Dublin
Category: Social Sciences

Revelations of an anti-Genesis: the Muselmann, Primo Levi and Viktor Frankl

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