Kathy Liu

Kathy recently graduated from the Australian National University with a combined Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours. She has developed a strong interest in carrying out interdisciplinary research and integrating knowledge from both her background in psychology and in law. An example of this focus can be found in her winning submission – this formed the basis for her law thesis, which went on to achieve the second highest mark in her honours cohort.

Outside of her studies, Kathy enjoys volunteering with community legal centres and learning about different cultures and customs through her travels. Currently, she is undertaking a legal internship with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva and hopes to continue working in the area of international law.

Undergraduate Award Global Winner in 2017

University: Australian National University
Category: Law

Moral Emotions and Restorative Justice: A Legal-Psychological Analysis of the Role of Shame and Guilt in the Restorative Justice Process in Offender Rehabilitation

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