Josh Zoffer

Josh Zoffer is a senior at Harvard studying international political economy and economic history. His major research interests include the role of currency regimes as determinants of international hegemony and international corporate governance. His writing on the role of the dollar as a reserve currency has been cited by the US Department of State and been published in McGraw-Hill’s Annual Editions: Foreign Policy, an annual anthology of top articles on international relations. In addition, Josh is passionate about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and has spent the past year conducting academic research on CSR.

Most recently, Josh has begun developing a new CSR rating metric to improve consumer understanding of corporate social performance and increase their ability to make ethical purchases. Josh is also an avid debater. He has served as President of the Harvard Speech and Parliamentary Debate Society and president of the American Parliamentary Debate Association. In January 2013 Josh was part of the winning team at the World University Debating Championships in Chennai, India, representing Harvard University.

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2013

University: Harvard University
Course: International Relations & Politics

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