Jonathan Penny

Jonathan Penny comes from East Yorkshire and reads Music at Durham University. Upon leaving school in Hull, he spent a year working in a Scottish prep school. This post, which entailed working as an assistant in the music department and the boarding house, afforded him good first experience in teaching whilst developing a taste for deep-fried haggis and Scotch whisky.

Since UA 2012, Jonathan has been on a sabbatical year away from his studies, working for a real estate company in France. His level of comprehension has expanded greatly, along with his waistline. He is about to embark upon the final year of undergraduate study, with a dissertation exploring the little-known symphonic output of the French composer Darius Milhaud.

An enthusiastic orchestral musician, Jonathan will play his viola to anyone who listens. He is a current member of the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland and works as orchestral logistics manager for its junior ensembles.

He is also a keen writer, having produced several articles for his university’s publications, and has worked for classical music festivals and held arts administration posts. In his free time, he tries to write amusing cartoons and enjoys referring to himself in the third person.

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2012

University: Durham University
Course: Cultural Studies

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