Jessica Kennedy

Jessica Kennedy, originally from Limerick, graduated from University College Cork earlier this year, where she received a BSc in Occupational Therapy. During her final year in college, she received the College of Medicine and Health Scholarship Award from University College Cork, which was rewarded on the basis of her third year examination results. Furthermore, she was awarded the Dr. H. H. Stewart Medical Scholarship in Occupational Therapy from the National University of Ireland for her paper titled ‘The Quality Mechanisms that Newly Qualified Occupational Therapists can adopt to ensure their Practice is Effective and Evidence Based’.

Her interest in technology and adolescent behaviour influenced her final research project, which focused on the shift that has occurred from offline to online social participation. As part of this research, she designed a conference poster for which she received the award for the Most Innovative Research Poster 2013 from the Occupational Therapy Department in University College Cork.

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2013

University: University College Cork
Course: Social Innovation

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