Hause Lin

Hause is interested in understanding how people make decisions and why things often seem to go wrong in our everyday lives, and as such, has been studying willpower and self-control failures for the past two years. In summer 2013, he was awarded funding to study the relationship between self-control and impulsiveness and his Undergraduate Award-winning thesis tested different models of ego depletion and self-control failures. Now he’s busy investigating whether, how, when, and why self-control training improves self-control over time. Hause is keen on interdisciplinary research involving fields such as social neuroscience and behavioural economics, regarding such research as holding “potential to not only address fundamental questions regarding how we decide, judge, and perceive, but also influence policy”.

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2014

University: University of Sussex
Category: Psychology

Ego Depletion and Self-Control Failures: Resource Depletion or Changes in Motivation?

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