Danielle Boobyer

Since winning the international Life Sciences category in 2012, Danielle graduated from the University of St Andrews with a 2.1 in Biology (June 2013). Most of her final year at St Andrews was spent working on her research project, looking at evolutionary rates in cyanobacteria using computational biology. She also set up the UK’s first Guide Dogs university society in her final term, which, it’s hoped, will be a model for future societies to raise awareness and funds for the charity’s work with blind and partially sighted people.

Currently taking a year out from study, Danielle is working as a freelance journalist and copywriter, to save up for a postgraduate degree in Conservation Biology or Ecology. She plans to apply for courses in Dublin, as she “fell in love with the city after visiting it for the Undergraduate Awards Global Summit last November.”

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2012

University: University of St Andrews
Course: Life Sciences

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