Daniel Kelly

Daniel is from a town called Blackrock in Dublin, Ireland, where he went to secondary school. There he became interested in the physical sciences. When applying for university he found it difficult to choose between physics and chemistry.

Fortunately Daniel was spared the decision by the availability of a course in ‘Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials’ at Trinity College Dublin. He was awarded an Entrance Exhibition Award and Bursary for his state exam results. For the first two years of university Daniel did frequent laboratory sessions in both physics and chemistry, as well as lectures in each. In his third year, however, the syllabus became specialised into working at the meeting point of each field. Daniel was able to utilise the skills he had developed by working in a research lab over the summer and eventually completing his final year research project in the same group.

His hard work paid off in a first class honours degree with a gold medal from TCD, which earned Daniel an opportunity to study for a PhD in the University of Manchester. Currently he is enrolled in the Centre for Doctoral Training based in the School of Physics in Manchester.

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2015

University: Trinity College Dublin
Category: Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Characterisation of post-mortem electrodes using electron microscopy

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