Anna Poloni

Anna recently graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with a first-class honours in Social Anthropology. She initially approached the discipline thanks to her interest in visual art and ethnographic film-making, further stimulated by her internship in 2012 at Lugano’s Museum of Cultures, Switzerland. During her time at QUB she developed an interest in Ethnomusicology, deepened by her active involvement in Belfast’s thriving Irish traditional music scene. In her final year, Anna worked as a facilitator for the organization Beyond Skin, conducting music workshops aiming to promote cultural diversity and address issues of racism and sectarianism. She is particularly interested in island musics, musical migration, local notions of tradition and questions of belonging and identity in today’s increasingly interconnected world. Anna also has an enduring enthusiasm for visual anthropology, the study of human perception in different cultural contexts and the use of audiovisual media for ethnographic research and as a means of analytic expression. Anna’s mixed background (Italian father; Sri Lankan mother) also plays a role in her approach to cultural difference and the discipline as a whole. To explore this, Anna is currently taking a year out to live and travel in Sri Lanka, before pursuing her interests at the postgraduate level.

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2015

University: Queen’s University Belfast
Category: Gender Studies & Anthropology

Is acceptance of a biological basis to behavioural differences between men and women compatible with a feminist political stance?

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