Amy Burnside

After three years of study in Belfast, and one year in Jackson, Mississippi, Amy completed a BA in English literature this summer, graduating with first class honours from Queen’s University. She is currently undertaking a Masters in Irish Literature, and has recently published an article in the Journal of Franco-Irish studies, entitled: ‘He Thinks He’s Entangled in a Net’: the Web of Continental Associations in Waiting for Godot’.

Amy is chiefly interested in Irish writing, in particular the work of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Seán O’Casey, as well as the short stories of William Trevor and Frank O’Connor. Her research interests focus on the intersections between religion, philosophy and literature, as well as the impact of wider socio-cultural movements on Irish writing.

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2013

University: Queen’s University Belfast
Course: Literature

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