Ying Kai Loh is interested in Chemistry, in particular Main Group Chemistry, where he has been actively pursuing his research since his first undergraduate year. Main Group Chemistry involves the synthesis and isolation of Main Group compounds which are regarded as highly reactive and elusive through novel stabilization strategies.

In 2014, Ying Kai Loh successfully isolated a compound containing a rare B=O double bond and published it as first author in Chemical Communications. In 2015, he was first to capture the fleeting [PN]²⁺ molecule and published it as first author in Inorganic Chemistry.

Ying Kai Loh was awarded the prestigious A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore) Undergraduate Scholarship to pursue his undergraduate studies in Chemistry at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. During his undergraduate stint, he was placed in the Dean’s list in Chemistry and the Chairman’s Honours List in A*STAR for two consecutive years. In his final semester, he embarked on an exchange programme with University College London.

Ying Kai Loh recently graduated and was conferred BSc in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry with First Class Honours. Subsequently, he was awarded the prestigious National Science Scholarship (PhD) by A*STAR to pursue a DPhil in Main Group Chemistry at University of Oxford with distinguished Prof. Simon Aldridge.