Hana has always been interested in biology and chemistry. When she attended elementary school, she participated in a lot of different biological competitions and had excellent results. During her high school education Hana wanted to construct more knowledge in the field of biochemistry. She enrolled in the research fellowship ´Repair of Damage DNA´ in the Laboratory of Recombination and DNA Repair at Masaryk University (MU). Hana has mastered many biochemical and molecular-biological methods. Using her laboratory experience Hana started her own research. In 2011, she won first prize in the prestigious national competition ´Ceska hlavicka´ with her scientific project. She then decided to study biochemistry at the Faculty of Science at MU. Hana has participated in several national and international conferences (EMBO YIP meeting in Strasbourg) and has won several grants (GE foundation scholar-leaders, Price of Cori spouses – Sigma-Aldrich grant). Last year she successfully earned a Bachelor degree of Biochemistry. This year a research paper entitled ‘RECQ4 selectively recognizes Holliday junctions’ (DNA repair journal) was published, in which Hana was the first author. In her free time Hana teaches young students about various scientific topics in BIOSKOP at MU.