Global Winners 2016

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Overall Winners

Ming Wai Tai

University of Hong Kong

Art History, Music, Film & Theatre

From “Delightful” to “Barbarous”: The Decline in Canonic Writing and the Rise of Functional Harmony

Philipp Heckmann-Umhau

University of Cambridge

Built Environment

Stadtbildung-Bildungsstadt: The Transformation of Munich under Ludwig I of Bavaria (1786-1868)

Jia Shuo (John) Zhou

University of British Columbia


Momentum Strategies: Returns From Trend-Following, Data-snooping, and Market Efficiency

David Evans

University of Southampton

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Exploring organoboron catalysis in the N-formylation of amines and development of a one-pot pathway to access isonitriles

Alicia Núñez García

University of Edinburgh

Classical Studies & Archaeology

Modern appropriation of past material culture: fostering ‘soft’ nationalisms in Mediterranean Europe through meaning, memory, and identity

Tomas Higgins

Dublin Institute of Technology

Computer Sciences

Identifying Mood by Analysing Keystroke Dynamics

Wayne Egan

Institute of Technology, Sligo

Earth & Environmental Sciences

To assess the impact of the Bellawaddy River on the microbiological quality of the bathing waters of Enniscrone Beach, Co. Sligo, Ireland.

Danielle Dobos

Stanford University


Modeling the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Labor Market Supply in the United States

Angelica Ng

Nanyang Technological University


Comparing Cyberbullying Perpetration on Social Media between Primary and Secondary School Students

Fang Shengrong

Nanyang Technological University


Development of Shape Memory Zirconia Particles and Powder Compacts

Emilia Antiglio

University of Warwick


The Diffusion of 'Porcelaine des Indes' in Eighteenth‑Century France: From Lorient to Paris and beyond, 1720-­1775

Ke Meng (Mary) Wang

Western University

Languages & Linguistics

Does developmental social pragmatic intervention for children with autism influence parent language use?

Jacqueline Williams

Australian National University


The Enforcement Regime of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) under Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act: Reform Required

Sadaf Sohrabi

University of Edinburgh

Life Sciences

Course: Life Sciences

Naoise Dolan

Trinity College Dublin

Literature: English

Stephen Cox

Trinity College Dublin

Literature: Non-English

Jorge Luis Borges and Translation: A Comparative Study of Translated Borges Stories in English

Jamie Hargreaves

University of Manchester

Mathematics & Physics

The Role of Anisotropy in Nonlinear Elastic Models of Skin

Maniragav Manimaran

University College London

Medical Sciences

Developing an ultrasound phantom using 3D printing for practicing minimally invasive intracardiac procedures.

Shauna Callaghan

University College Dublin

Nursing & Midwifery

Does the utilisation and knowledge of fetal movement counting interventions and ‘kick charts’ enhance maternal awareness of fetal movement patterns and reduce stillbirths in pregnancies ≥28 weeks’ gestation?

Ilpo Hirvonen

University of Helsinki


On the Interrelation between Phenomenology and Externalism

Natalia Beghin

University of Manchester

Politics & International Relations

Perverting the Panopticon: Feminism, Peace, and the prospect of a 'new totalitarianism'

Jonathan Tan

Nanyang Technological University


Effects of Sleep on Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients With Coronary Heart Disease

Eoin O’Leary

Trinity College Dublin

Social Sciences: Anthropology & Cultural Studies

Political action from spaces of bare life: Situating the figure of the refugee/asylum seeker in power analysis

Caroline Breeden

University of Leeds

Social Sciences: Social Policy

Critically assess how far ‘lad culture’ can be perceived as an example of a moral panic about youthful sexuality and behaviour.

Mohammed Sami Al Amili

Ulster University

Visual Arts & Design


Programme Winners

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