Winners 2010

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Nuala Finnegan

Dublin City University

Teacher Education

From one heart to another: using visual arts as a medium of self-expression will activate an individual's self discovery

Renate Stark

Maynooth University

Social Studies

Famine: a crime against humanity? Or genocide? Death by starvation - Holodomor in Ukraine 1932-1933

Eamonn Kennedy

University College Dublin


Vortex dipoles: ordered structures from chaotic flows

Siobhan Moriarty

Trinity College Dublin

Philosophical Studies

Describe and evaluate the supervaluational theory of vagueness

Catherine Sweeney

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


Notch plays a critical role in Synovial Angiogenesis in response to Hypoxia

Carmel Penrose

Institute of Technology, Tralee

Nursing & Midwifery

Critically evaluate the legal, ethical and professional issues associated with defining mental illness

Claire Leonard

Queen’s University Belfast

Modern Cultural Studies

The female presence in the development of electronic and experimental music

Louise Bhandal

Maynooth University

Medical Sciences

The impact of evolutionary theory on the history of developmental psychology

Chris Blair

Trinity College Dublin

Mathematical Studies

Instantons and the Taub-NUT space

Rachel Carey

National University of Ireland, Galway

Life Sciences

How should we treat time in our investigation of coordinated movement?

Donncha Conway

Trinity College Dublin


A comparative analysis of freedom of association, trade unions and labour rights: authoritarian and libertarian perspectives

Anne Molloy

National University of Ireland, Galway

Languages & Linguistics

La langue bretonne : passage de la langue vernaculaire à la langue condamnée

Cormac Hayes

Dublin City University

International Relations & Politics

The war against terrorism has been based on misconceptions about the nature of the enemy

John Murtagh

Trinity College Dublin

Environmental & Geosciences

Solar UV disinfection of drinking water for developing countries

Fionnuala Barrett

Trinity College Dublin

English Language & Literature

To what extent do the annotations to the Geneva Bible (1560) present the Book of Revelation as “a conventional apocalypse, [with] the conventional apocalyptic purpose of providing comfort to the suffering faithful” (Gabel et al.)?

William Holland

Cork Institute of Technology

Engineering & Mechanical Sciences

Outsole design for the enhancement of support and performance in sports footwear

Barry O’Donovan

Trinity College Dublin


A critical analysis of the sterilisation of the Yuan

Haoming Xu

University of Limerick

Computer Sciences & IS

Mobile robot localisation using neural networks

Hannah Winfield

University College Cork


Synthesis of novel indolocarbazole derivatives

Thaddeus Ó Buachalla

University College Cork

Celtic Studies & Irish

The poetry of Seán Ó Riordáin

Daniel Philbin Bowman

Trinity College Dublin

Astronomy & Space Sciences

Understanding overpopulation: how commercial marketing tactics can help us tackle “the greatest shortcoming of the human race”

Robert Power

University College Cork

Archaeological Studies

Potential amidst stagnancy: new directions for the study of archaeological ceramics

Mark Anthony Cooke

University College Cork

Ancient & Classical Studies

"Wyrd" in linguistic and cultural context

Tara Griffin

University College Cork

Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences

The influence of farming practice on water quality in Ireland

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