The UA Global Summit

Each year, the winners and highly commended entrants are invited to Dublin to attend the UA Global Summit – a “Davos for students”. The 2014 UA Global Summit was a unique three-day event (November 19th – 21st) during which the top students from around the world take part in discussions, workshops and events all geared towards enhancing their personal development, encouraging responsible leadership and equipping them with the knowledge they need to further themselves, their ideas and research.

Perfect – three of the best days of my life so far. Gave me clarity to think through a few hard decisions about what direction I want my career to take and has affirmed some aspirations of mine.” (Winner, 2013)

The Summit is exclusive in that only winners and highly commended students can attend. The Summit is designed to celebrate these outstanding students from across the world, and to inspire them with speakers assembled from a diverse range of backgrounds; as diverse as the category winners themselves. The three-day conference reaches its pinnacle at the Undergraduate Awards Ceremony where each of the UA winners are presented with their Gold Medal, for their leading-edge research and course work.

UA Global Summit 2015

The City of Dublin – a city steeped in history and associated with such scholars, academics and visionaries as Jonathan Swift, Earnest Walton, Constance Markiewicz, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker and Mary Robinson – is our venue over the course of the Summit. We will host the world’s top students in some of Dublin’s most historic and beautifully stunning buildings around the city, including City Hall, Christchurch Cathedral, Iveagh House and Farmleigh House.

As part of the UA Global Summit, we host The Colloquium, designed to help the winners and highly commended students realize their individual potential and their collective potential as a group to tackle some of the world’s biggest issues. The Colloquium encourages a culture of inter-disciplinary co-operation among our winners, as well as a sense of responsible leadership – to empower them to believe that they can and will be at the forefront of their respective fields in years to come. Last year’s speakers included a film-producer-turned-educator, a choreographer, an entrepreneur, a scientist and a political lawyer. See the full list of 2014 Speakers here.

It was obvious that a lot of careful thought and planning had gone into each minute of the day, and the team managed to put together a truly fantastic programme of talks, discussions, and activities.” (Winner, 2013)

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