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The Economics category

Economics has been judged as a category in The Undergraduate Awards since its inaugural year.

Students of all Economics disciplines, including Econometrics, Urban Economics, Labour Economics and more are eligible to submit to the category. Entries for this category must be within the 5,000-word limit and have received a 2.1/A grade.

The Global Winner of the Economics category in 2016 is Danielle Dobos from Stanford University with her paper titled “Modelling the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Labour Market Supply in the United States“. The paper receives high praises from the judges, who said:

Great papers in economics tackle important issues using new data and methods to figure out how to help solve these issues. This winning paper is a combination of all those three features… The paper is well written and executed and stood out in a field of very strong submissions.

With only three weeks left until the submission deadline, we look forward to reading all the new research from undergraduate students around the world for this year’s Economics category.

If you are interested in submitting to the category, click here.

If you are interested in judging, click here.

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