Is there any cost? There is absolutely no cost for a student to apply. Global Winners of the award will also be brought over to Dublin for the 2016 Global UA Summit (November 2016) – all expenses paid.

I’ve registered, but now how do I submit? Now that you have registered, you can rest assured that you have secured the opportunity to submit your coursework to The Undergraduate Awards 2017 programme. You can log back into your form and continue the process of submitting your work. You can login or you can register and submit here.

Do I need to register for every paper I want to submit? Yes, you will need to register for each category that you want to submit to. If you want to submit more than one paper to the one category you only have to register once for that category.

When is the final deadline? The final deadline will be 13th June 2017.

I am unsure of which category to submit to.  Can you help?  We advise students to choose their category based on the title of their degree or subject/module that the paper was written for. Check out the list of categories. It may also be helpful to ask your lecturer or supervisor as to which category they would deem appropriate for the paper. If you are still unsure, contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Can I submit my paper to two different categories? No. You cannot submit the same paper more than once. You can however submit up to three papers to UA, and each to a different category, if you wish.

Can I edit my coursework to incorporate feedback from my lecturer/supervisor before I submit it to UA? Yes, you can feel free to make edits to your piece after you receive your grade in order to improve it.

I’ve registered but I selected the wrong category, what do I do? Not to worry, you will be able to change your submission details on the submission form, including the category under which you would like to submit your paper. Simply use the login and password you chose when you originally registered and edit your form.

I’ve forgotten my password, Am I locked out of my form? If you have forgotten your password, click ‘forgot password’ and you will be emailed the option to create a new one, easy!

I’m in my first year of an undergraduate degree course, can I submit? Unfortunately, UA only accepts submissions from students in the final or penultimate year of an undergraduate degree course. So, if you are undertaking a three-year degree, only students in their second or third year of study can submit. If you are undertaking a four-year degree, only students in their third or fourth year of study are eligible to submit.

Can I submit an essay written in a language other than English? Non-English essays are ineligible for submission. Only essays written through english are accepted.

What is an abstract? An abstract is a succinct summary/synopsis of your paper that enables the judges to quickly ascertain your paper’s purpose or content. It essentially is a selling point on the value of your paper’s content and therefore, UA recommends that you put thought and effort into writing a clear abstract to accompany your paper as it will be assessed by the judging panel for your category.

How do I write an abstract? There are many online resources that provide advice on writing a strong academic abstract.  Here’s one that we at UA find useful.

What does the word limit include? The word limit includes the main body of your paper and the footnotes. It does not include the bibliography/reference page, list of contents or appendices.

My paper won’t upload, what could be the problem? Please ensure that your paper is saved in either .doc or .pdf format. The maximum file size is 10MB. If your paper meets the above criteria and still won’t upload to your submission form, please contact info@undergraduateawards.com

Do you have another query?

For queries pertaining to your submission form or the awards programme contact info@undergraduateawards.com

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