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DEADLINE: June 13th 2017

Submitting to The Undergraduate Awards is quick, easy & free.
Just follow the steps below to #awardyourwork

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Step 1: Check if you are Eligible

  • Are you a due to graduate from an undergraduate degree in 2017 or 2018, or did you graduate in 2016?
  • Do you have at least one piece of individual coursework that you completed for your degree?
  • Did the piece(s) of coursework you intend to submit receive at least an A/II.I or equivalent grade?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions then Congratulations! You are eligible to Submit!

Note: We do not accept group essays/projects or work that was not required coursework for your degree (i.e. work completed on an optional Summer Programme or similar)

Step 2: Choose your Category

Now it’s time to decide which one of our 25 categories you should submit to!
Have a look at the full list of categories here. Note the max. word count.

For most entrants, this will be a simple decision, but if you are having trouble deciding then consider:

  1. The name of your degree or major. This is the best indicator of which category you should submit to. For example, if you’re studying law, and your essay focuses on corporate law, it should be submitted to law rather than business.
  2. The focus of the module you did the work for.
  3. What academic background would you like the academics judging your work to have? For example, would a physicist understand your research better than a chemist?
  4. If you still can’t decide then email and we can try and help.
    Remember though that the decision is yours and we can only advise, rather than offer concrete answers.

Step 3: Prepare your Work

The great thing about submitting to The Undergraduate Awards is that you’ve already done the work!
There are just several small things you need to do to ensure that your work makes it through our screening process and gets seen by the judges.

    1. Write your abstract!

      This is the first thing the judges will read. It should be between 100-300 words long and give a brief overview of your work.

2. Make your work anonymous. CRUCIAL!

It is extremely important that your work is completely anonymous or else it will be IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED.
To avoid this, search (CTRL/CMD + F) your paper for:

Your Name/Student Number
Your Institution’s Name
Your Lecturer’s Name
Your Module’s Title
Your Course/Module Code

Then delete this information or replace it with an X.
You can read more about our Anonymity Requirements here.


3. Make sure your work is within the maximum and minimum word count.

We allow a 10% leeway on the maximum word, but if your work exceeds this it will be IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED.

Remember that you may have to pare down your work or extract certain segments, if it is a longer piece. The minimum word count is 1,750 words and there is no leeway.

Foot-notes are included in the word count. Abstract and Bibliography are not included in the word count.


Step 4: Submit!

Now you are ready to Submit your work!

All you have to do is create a Reviewr Account and upload your work. This should take about 5 minutes. So, what are you waiting for?

Submit Now!




If you’ve any further questions please check out our FAQs page  or the How to Submit videos below. You can also contact us on

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