Submission Guide

14th June is the deadline for registrations and submissions for The Undergraduate Awards 2016 Programme.

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The Undergraduate Awards programme is open to all penultimate and final year undergraduate students in a degree course, as well as 2015 graduates, from all disciplines.  You can Register or Submit at the bottom of this page.

1. Check the Eligibility Criteria

Candidates can apply with any piece of individual undergraduate coursework which received a II.1 or higher (Distinction or higher, A-grade equivalent) that meets our submission criteria. Why not read about one of the most important elements on our previous blog about anonymity.

2. Review the Categories

Work must be submitted to one of our 25 categories, which cover a variety of fields. Check the maximum word count here also.

3. Register

You can register for a place on our programme if you do not have coursework ready to submit just yet. This will ensure a place has been saved for you to submit your paper at a later date. Once registered, feel free to log in to the UA form and submit your paper/papers anytime up until the deadline.

Register Here


4. Submit

If you have paper ready to submit, you can log in to the UA form and complete the process and upload your paper. You can submit coursework from your current year or alternatively from your previous academic year.  The deadline for submissions to the 2016 programme will be 14th June 2016.

Visual Arts & Design

If you are submitting to the Visual Arts & Design category please be aware that photos of your work must be 10MB or smaller.

Submit Here


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