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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Samantha Gordine

Samantha Grodine from the University of St Andrews was a 2013 Highly Commended Entrant in the Life Sciences category with her paper ‘Extracting drift rates from compressed dive profiles by using a step-wise filtering method’.

Since attending the 2013 UA Global Summit (which she described as “one of the best experiences in my life”), Samantha has been keeping busy. A revised version of her Highly Commended paper was published in the Journal of the Experimental Biology in 2015. The paper also formed the basis of Samantha’s first PhD research chapter. Earlier this year, she defended her thesis, and after some very hard work in the past three and half year, Samantha can now proudly call her self a Doctor!

Talking about the time working on her PhD, Samantha said:

Whilst working on my PhD I have been fortunate in having been supported by so many friends, many of whom I first met at the Global Summit in 2013. Whether it was for conference purposes or pure leisure, I tried to meet up with my UA alumni friends whenever I could. From visiting Anneloes Hoff at her alma mater in Middelburg or at her new home institution in Oxford; introducing Anshuman Pal to carnival in Cologne and hiking with him through Maiella National Park this summer, or flying all the way to Canada to master the art of wearing a saree for Thineshan Kathirchelvan’s glorious wedding in 2016. I could not have made it without you!

This year has been a new beginning for Samantha. In March, she underwent a medical procedure called Collagen Crosslinking to halt the further progression of her corneal degenerative disease Keratoconus. “This treatment needs repeating every 7-10 years, and I underwent Crosslinking before I started my undergrad in 2009. So I quite literarily started the first half of my year with a fresh new outlook on life”, Samantha commented.

It has been almost four years since she first came to Dublin, and now Samantha is here again, in “lovely Dublin” working for The Undergraduate Awards. We are absolutely over the moon to have her with us!

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