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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Sam Ross

Sam Ross from the University of Leeds was Highly Commended in 2015 in the Life Sciences for his paper: Shifting Paradigms in Ecological Network Theory: Understanding Network Stability and Complexity

He was also Highly Commended in 2016 for another paper entitled The Ecological Consequences of Incorporating Intraspecific Trait Variation into indices of Functional Diversity.

Here’s his update!

“Hey all,

I’m Sam Ross and I was Highly Commended in the Life Sciences category at The Undergraduate Awards in 2015 for my paper on the future of ecological network science, and again in 2016 for my paper on the importance of individual variation when measuring biodiversity.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend either year due to being away for fieldwork, but I’m still pleased to be a part of the UA Network. Since my nominations, I have finished my Master’s degree in Ecology at the University of Leeds, UK, and have moved to Okinawa, Japan, to work as a visiting research intern at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology.

My work now involves bioacoustic monitoring of biodiversity (mainly birds) across Okinawa using sound recorders at 24 field sites along an urban-rural gradient. I’m mainly interested in the factors that influence the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem health, particularly in the light of anthropogenic pressures such as urbanisation and climate change. To this end, I’m looking forward to hopefully starting my PhD this coming October at Trinity College Dublin.

In my spare time, I’ve been making the most of Okinawa’s location by exploring Asia a little. So far, I’ve been to several cities on the Japanese mainland, and to South Korea and Taiwan. I’m heading back to the UK in April, and will use my spare six months to tie up any outstanding research projects, maybe try to hone my (very) amateur DJ ‘skills,’ and just generally take it a bit slower before the madness that will no doubt be my PhD.

I’m always looking for collaborators from around the world, so if anyone is working on anything that fits my interests please give me a shout. Chances are I’d love to get involved!

All the best, and hopefully I’ll see some of you around Dublin soon.


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