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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Marianne White

Marianne White from The University of Dundee was the Overall Winner of 2015 in the Nursing & Midwifery category.

Marianne White took interest in the human condition during travels around Africa, India, Australia and the Pacific and after seeing the way politics, poor infrastructure and health care had effected these regions. She received her title of Overall Winner in 2015 in the Nursing & Midwifery category with her paper “Does the provision of evidence based information or decision aids versus usual care for healthy pregnant women with previous caesarean deliveries increase the number of vaginal births in subsequent pregnancies?” After attending the global summit, White continued her hard work within a maternity unit in Scotland.

I came back to work with energy and a “thinking outside the box” type approach [in] the environment in which I work.

After being inspired at the summit and adopting a collaborative way of thinking, she has been seconded to the University of Dundee to work within a Research group. This study is working to gather information on women and service providers in her region.

We hope to investigate the factors which provide quality care and enhance the outcomes for women and newborns, determining how model of care used affects these perspectives or outcomes.

Outside of her research, White lives with her partner and two girls on their family farm. They stay busy keeping up the farm and spending their time outdoors.



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