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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Lorraine Cleary

Lorraine Cleary was a 2014 Highly Commended Entrant in both the Visual Arts and the Media & the Arts category.

Her Visual Arts project, Mise en Scene, was part of our first art exhibition ALIGNED, which took place in 2015. You can check out her amazing work here.

After graduating from the Limerick School of Art and Design with a First Class Honours in Sculpture and Combine Media in 2014, Lorraine went on and obtained a Masters of Arts in Interactive Media with First Class Honours from the University of Limerick.

Lorraine is a multidisciplinary artist working in the mediums of sculpture, photography, experimental film, video, sound and performance. She has a specific interest in the everyday space, in particular, that of the domestic space; her work is constant in its “deliberation of the physical environment in relation to the observer’s movement within it”. Discussing the inspiration behind her works, she said:

My ongoing investigation into how the residue of a trauma can remain in a space long after that event has occurred is an important concept within my work. Ultimately space has the ability to absorb events, traumatic or otherwise, and with each onslaught of such an event that space is changed forever. Technology penetrates the very core of my work, interconnectivity is important in not just bringing the physical pieces of work together but in its invitation to the viewer, in its objective to make the viewer an integral part of that environment. Our changing social environment adapts to new technologies on an ongoing basis and this advancing technology emits heavy influence on our everyday lives. An ongoing concern between the everyday space and the online space emerges and the conflict between both serves as an inspiration in my work.

Lorraine’s most recent group exhibitions include ‘The Model presents Cairde Visual 2017’ at The Mall, Sligo and the ‘Winter Open Exhibition’ at Rua Red Gallery, Dublin. For more information and to check out her amazing works, you can visit Lorrain’s website here. We cannot wait to see more of her works!

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