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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Jen Fullerton

Jen Fullerton, Highly Commended Entrant, paper artist and PhD candidate from the Australian National University, creates a set of sculptures reflecting online abuse of Australian politicians.

Since Jen Fullerton received the title of Highly Commended Entrant in 2014, Fullerton alongside social scientist Dr. Robert Ackland, have created pieces of sculpture with inspiration from the online social media platform Twitter. The large amount of Twitter abuse directed at Australian politicians influenced her works displayed at the ANU School of Art & Design Foyer Gallery.

The resulting work is part data visualisation and part social commentary – inspired and informed by data and expressed through the physicality and emotive language of sculpture.

Fullerton uses paper in this set of works particularly to show how an “old world medium” can reflect how online actions impact and are seen in the real world.

It helped me explore another aspect of the internet that wasn’t in my purview.

You can find out more about this project here and information about Fullerton and her other creations at


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