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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Cisse Nakeyar

Cisse Nakeyar from Western University in Canada was Highly Commended in the Psychology category in 2015 for his paper “Effects of Caffeine on Memory in Rats” and in 2016 for “Evidence Based Care for Iraqi, Kurdish, and Syrian Asylum Seekers and Refugees of the Syrian Civil War: A Systematic Review”
Let’s see how he’s been doing!

I am currently in my last year at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada and I am conducting my final thesis project.

Cisse and other attendees at Dublin Castle for the UA Global Summit 2015.

The project focuses on helping refugees with mental health problems and aims to ease their transition to Canada.  In recent years it has become apparent that adverse childhood experiences make an individual more susceptible to developing future psychopathologies, as such the focus of this research will be on children who have experienced childhood maltreatment. The goal is to look at childhood maltreatment and its accuracy in predicting the onset of posttraumatic stress disorder and other psychiatric disorders. To understand how childhood maltreatment can lead to future psychopathology onset we will be observing changes, if any, in development. This will be accomplished by evaluating children’s cognition and emotion regulation using neuropsychological tests.

Since being involved with the UA in 2015 I published a paper in Canadian Psychology, Canada’s premier psychology journal. The paper established psychological assessments and treatments that displayed cross-cultural validity so that psychologists and psychiatrists can select appropriate assessments and treatments when treating refugee populations.

As well, I had the opportunity to travel Europe, I started in Paris, then worked my way down to southern France and into Italy. From Italy I travelled to Germany and the gorgeous Bavarian alps. And, finally I finished my trip in the hot springs and lava lands of Iceland. Lastly, I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing again, which are fantastic sports and martials arts (I consider them real arts too) that are a fun and exciting way to exercise – plus who doesn’t enjoy getting kicked in the face and choked out at the gym.

Jokes aside, I wanted to finish by saying the UA Global Summit was an experience of a life time. I have met brilliant students from across the globe, which I still keep in contact with to discuss school matters or just to catch up. The summit really helped inspire me to keep researching and working hard to achieve my goals, not to mention the opportunities that opened for being recognized in such a prestigious global competition. I was fortunate enough to be highly commended twice, its hard to say which year was best because the UA team does a great job of providing a unique experience each time. I hope the program keeps growing and that students keep submitting their amazing work!

Best wishes to all UA alumni and future alumni!”

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