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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Casimir Legrand

Casimir Legrand is a 2016 Highly Commended Entrant in the Politics & International Relations category. Since then, he has been occupied with different exciting projects and opportunities.

Casimir Legrand, middle, at a function during his time at St Andrews

Excitingly, his Highly Commended paper “Scope, Methodology and Systemic Failure of the jus cogens Mechanism: The Disconnect between Morality, State Sovereignty, and Autonomy” will be featured in the fourth edition of the University of Toronto’s Undergraduate Law Journal, Intra Vires. The paper was originally submitted for credit in an International Law module Cas took while he was on a full-year exchange at the University of St Andrews.

Cas has recently completed his Honours Bachelor of Arts in International Relations at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. This summer, he is interning for the Donner Canadian Foundation, a Canadian/American public policy organisation that focuses on professional grant making towards international development, social services, and public policy research projects.

After finishing his internship this month. Cas will pursue a Dual Master’s degree in International Affairs offered jointly by Sciences Po’s Paris School of International Affairs in Paris, France and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in London, UK.

Talking about the motivation behind his studies, Cas said:

As an international relations scholar, I have developed an interest in global politics and global governance, with an emphasis on the diplomatic and normative frameworks of multilateral forums and international institutions. Specifically, I am interested as to why nations continue to rely on them to navigate international issues and how underlying principles such as social justice, democratization, and transparency work towards supporting their claims to legitimacy.

We wish him all the best of luck with his Masters and his future projects!

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