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Where Are They Now Wednesday: Broy Lim & “and now they know”

Broy Lim from Nanyang Technological University is a 2016 Highly Commended Entrant in the Visual Arts category with his project and now they know.

Lim was recently chosen as one of eight Asian artists to be awarded the inaugural Steidl Book Award Asia, where winners get to publish with the renown photo book publisher. The project, and now they know, is an intimate exploration of Lim’s realisation of his homosexuality in his hometown of Singapore, where it still remains illegal. Combining personal texts and photos, it “narrates Lim’s sexual identity and his nine-year relationship with his partner, while also representing the broader struggle of many youths who navigate their sense of self in conservative heteronormative societies”.

Speaking to Straits Time about the project, Lim said: “This project seeks to reconcile my identities as a son and a lover, in a language that could most potently express my struggles – the language of photography. Through this work, I want to tell the people around me that this is who I am, without having to say a single word.”

Lim’s book is set to be released in July and you can find out more about it on the Steidl website here.

At the moment, Lim is working freelance as an educator, teaching subjects ranging from arts to photography to life skills.

Check out his Behance profile here.

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